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Earlier this week I was doing my best to get myself and my screaming toddler out the door in the morning when we had an unexpected encounter with a neighbor who was out putting up his Christmas lights. He heard my daughter screaming and wanted to help, so he cut off a bloom from his bird of paradise plant and gave it to her. Naturally she wanted nothing to do with it, so I set it down in the front seat next to me and turned on the Wiggles for her (which always hits the spot). Because I have never been particularly drawn to Birds of Paradise, I did not appreciate this gesture nearly as much as I should have. Later I brought it inside, put it in water and placed it on my mantle without giving much thought to it.

I find myself surprised how the bright orange and brilliant blue (colors that can be found nowhere else in my house) seem to tie in with the rest of my living room decor. Furthermore, it really looks like a bird! Maybe I just have Hunger Games on the mind, but I swear I can close my eyes and I still see the outline of the brightly colored bird that has graced my mantle.


Fast forward three days and not only do I cherish my bird of paradise, but I also find myself inspired by its rich colors. I put together a quick (emphasis on QUICK) design board for a bedroom with this nature inspired color scheme. All of the items featured on the board are available for purchase (contact me through http://www.alexanderinteriors.net for more info).


Bird of Paradise Bedroom, by Alexander Interiors