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This is my list of Top Trends in Interior Design for 2014. This is the year of the anti-neutral… dare to be bold!

1. Jewel Tones

Jewel tones are beginning to pop up in every room of the house, and not just in accessories. Really commit by basing your entire color scheme in jewel tones including your textiles and walls. Exposed wood, whether it be your cabinetry or a piece of furniture, really stands out when painted in a jewel tone. I recommend a high gloss finish for extra drama (plus the gloss helps reflect light and brightens the space).

color-scheme-ideas-decorating-in-jewel-tones via interiorholic Jewel Tone Built in via Interiorholic

Green Kitchen via Elle Decor

If you like the look but do not know where to start, try the walls in an otherwise neutral space. In this example, it is easy to apply the color since the linens are all white and then work in other accessories. Paint is always the most economical way to change the mood of a room.

Jewel Bedroom via Saragilbaneinteriors

2. Dramatic Accent Walls

Open the door for creativity! Drama does not have to be obvious. Drama can be just as easily achieved through a rich or unexpected texture as it can through color. Try experimenting with use of materials… tile or reclaimed wood in a living room or bedroom.




Do not forget your ceiling! I especially love a painted or papered ceiling in a hallway or narrow space.


3. Mixing Metal

As quickly as metal trends come and go, I love to see people quit trying to “keep up” and embracing an eclectic mix of metal in their homes. In the case of the great comeback of brass last year, what was old is new again. Specifically I am talking about decor (use of metal in the kitchen or bathroom is an entirely different topic).





4. Turquoise

We have been seeing a lot of turquoise for a couple of years and this is a trend not going away anytime soon. Great for accents, walls and textiles. Again, I love to see turquoise in a high gloss finish.

turquoise-room via fashionablethings.com

Turquoise Shade via The Glam Lamb

Turquoise Kitchen via the decoist

5. Animal Hide

I have covered this topic before, but my love continues to grow… Rugs, Upholstery, Pillows. This trend is so big right now that it will easily be “dated” in the near future. The trick is to apply it uniquely and with subtlety. Opt for hide pillows or draping the hide over furniture instead of the classic cowhide rug on the floor that is so popular right now.


ebe05d7795ac4d8baa38b07c43e686a4Eames Chair and Animal Hide79938962106766530_ZcFbVwap_f

That is all for now. Looking forward to sharing Part 2 and practical ways that I have applied some of the trends in my own home.