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Just wanted to share a fun project I have been working on for a client’s breakfast nook. It is a beautiful space with a large bay window and built-in banquette. Initially this space was not very high on my client’s priority list, but after a little nudging, it bumped up on the list. The space is contained, which means that we can get a little crazy without having to be too concerned about it limiting the design of other spaces. Completely finishing a single space will start to make a new house feel like a home (and that is exactly what this client needs). An additional perk of designing small spaces is that they require less material, so this is the perfect opportunity to splurge on a pricey fabric because you will not need very much yardage.

In this case we were very lucky because the adjacent kitchen itself is a crisp white with gray accents, which helped inspire our charcoal color palette. I always approach new designs by searching for one thing, whether it is a fabric, piece of furniture or light fixture that “speaks to me”. I knew I found IT when I stumbled across the charcoal ikat linen fabric by Schumacher. Right away I claimed it for our window treatments. Additionally, I selected a coordinating pattern for large square pillows and solid for the banquette cushions in the same color scheme(both by Schumacher).


Top: Linen Ikat for Window Treatments, Middle: Solid Charcoal Outdoor Fabric for Cushions, Bottom: Charcoal Diamond Outdoor Fabric for Pillows

*Design Tip: Outdoor fabrics are great to use in situations where children will be eating! In this case, all of the materials we are using except for the window treatments are outdoor fabrics.

I adore this monochromatic color scheme! Luckily, my client loved it too. Once I showed her some images of similar spaces to help her visualize the space, she had the idea to add a pop of color. She went and picked a lemon and said to add that exact color of yellow to the mix. Finding that perfect lemon yellow was quite an exhausting search, but I found the perfect shade by Silverstate (also an outdoor fabric). To help bring it all together, we are going to use gray remnants for piping on the yellow pillows.


Here are some of our inspiration images from Pinterest. Looking forward to sharing the finished project!

68a9b063aadc437e3963e36bd9875a7b 82bbc9f75171239e7768697fa7383aab 180 E 79th St d66f26a915b00a3dfeb2561cbd966c3eThank you for reading. For more information about past and current projects please visit http://www.AlexanderInteriors.net and follow me on twitter (@ToriTAlexander) where I share daily design tips and design inspiration.