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After spending the better part of a rainy weekend (and the first half of the week) watching the Olympics, it occurs to me what distinct, beautiful colors Team USA is lucky enough to wear. While I often incorporate both red and blue into my designs, it is rare that I combine the two. I thought I would show you how to execute this look into a few different directions.

Nautical– The most popular use of this color scheme, nautical decor will always be around (think painted wood, stripes and a pair of oars hanging on the wall). You have seen this played out on the pages of Pottery Barn a thousand times, but I encourage you to think outside the box and incorporate actual nautical pieces and antiques. Frame old sailing maps or, better yet, use them for wallpaper! Bring some old rope into the room… keep it piled in a bowl on your coffee table or consider using it for drawer pulls. Framed flags (bonus points if it has less than 50 stars) are often the focal point of these rooms.

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Classic Colonial– Quilts, windsor chairs and stripes! People are often dismissive of colonial style without ever recognizing the imprint it has made on American design. I can almost guarantee that you have a colonial piece in your home… old ladderback dining chairs in your breakfast room or a rustic end table with spindle legs. This is a modest style, so you will need to be very deliberate with your statement pieces. Personally, I love an antique windsor chairs in a dining room with a collection of blue willow plates on the wall.


Glamorous– Our country’s colors can do a lot more than decorate your Fourth of July picnic table. Here are some high drama glamorous rooms in red and blue. If you are brave enough to commit, go the extra mile and make it high gloss for maximum impact. Can you imagine a navy velvet sofa against poppy-red walls?! If you can, (you are awesome AND) you will love this look.

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Worth mentioning These ADORABLE rooms!

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All images collected from Pinterest. Follow me to see where I collect my inspiration (ToriTAlexander).

This post is for my mom who has always used her home to display her patriotism year-round. On behalf of all the “folk artists” you have supported along the way, your inability to pass up some “flag art” is downright charming.